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Preservation Rhinoplasty — third edition with my co-authorship

It is an honor for me to be co-author, with Olivier Gerbault, of the chapter on Piezo Rhinosculpture in the third edition of The Preserving Rhinoplasty Book. Rhinosculpture with Piezo is a technique developed by Olivier Gerbault in 2013. It allows you to create a completely new shape of the bony part of the nose using ultrasound (Piezo) due to local reduction of the bone thickness, where necessary. It is very similar to sculpting, when using special attachments from a rough bone structure with irregularities on the surface, you can get a new neat and more symmetrical bone surface without breaking it. The advent of this technique has become a real revolution in rhinoplasty! I have been using Piezo Rhinosculpture since 2016, and I consider it indispensable for all rhinoplasty procedures where work with the nasal bones is necessary. Rhinosculpture on Piezo is a completely different possibilities for a surgeon and a huge advantage for patients!

Preservation Rhinoplasty: Third Edition is more than a new edition, it is truly a new book with the addition of these 17 totally new chapters. As the past three years have confirmed, Preservation Rhinoplasty represents a revolutionary change in how we approach rhinoplasty surgery. The goal is to replace resection with preservation, excision with manipulation, and secondary rib reconstruction with minimal revisions. The three basic principles are preservation of the skin sleeve, dorsum and alar cartilages whenever possible. The contributors hope that this book will shorten the learning curve for other surgeons and minimize postoperative problems. The new contributions to this book include CBCT analysis, tip surgery with complete alar preservation, dorsal modification techniques, updates on the modified Cottle techniques, and ending with n-depth chapters on revisions and complications.