No longer afraid to be seen

  • Patient

    Inna, 28

  • Procedure

    Rhinoplasty, March 2014

About the patient

Musician, singer, founder of BeReal&Co, fashion designer, photographer. I write songs, I’m working on an album at the studio, I create merchandise and handle sales for the company. I am also a freelance photographer. I like music. I’ve been learning it since I was a kid. I love to be on stage and exchange energy with the audience during my performances. I try to make a positive contribution to society and inspire others.

What did you want to improve about your look?

I am in a public occupation, so I had always wanted to change the shape of my nose and make its large tip smaller. It had been making me insecure since I was a kid. As a result, I didn’t want to be seen, even though I am very social and like to be around people.

Were you afraid? Did you have any doubts about your surgery?

Not at all. I was happy to go under the knife. Of course, I was a little nervous, but I had been learning about rhinoplasty for a long time, and I knew about the various risks and consequences. I trusted Dr Zholtikov and his team and knew that everything would be great. I anticipated the improvement and wasn’t afraid of physical pain thanks to my state of mind: the pain and temporary discomfort would go away, but the esthetic outcome will stay with me forever. Sometimes physical beauty is worth such risks if you are insecure, like I was at the time, and it prevents you from being comfortable around people.

How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

My operation was longer than usual. My recovery was also more complicated compared to my doctor’s other patients with whom I kept in touch for moral support. Nobody will understand you better than people who’ve been through similar experiences. After surgery, I was told that I had been refusing to wake up from anaesthesia and inhale deeply, which was necessary for extubation. I was very tired before my surgery because I hadn’t been able to sleep the night before in anticipation of the operation. I think that was the main reason why I didn’t follow the anaesthesiologist’s instructions. You should rest before surgery. I had a fever and slept a lot for three or four days. I was staying at a hotel near the clinic. It was difficult to talk and think, I was disoriented. I had trouble focusing. I also had obsessive thoughts which led to anxiety. I was alone in the hotel room, which affected my recovery. I think, if I had brought a relative or a friend for support, I would have felt better. It is important for me not to stay one on one with my restless mind at such moments. Besides, when you’re experiencing that for the first time, you may have various fears. I think now that I’ve gone through recovery once, I would take it much better, understand what is going on, and avoid anxiety. But once my oedema began to disappear, the recovery went much faster. A week after my surgery, I was already taking walks on the streets of St.Petersburg, visiting tourist attractions, and ignoring the occasional unfriendly reactions to the cast on my nose.

No longer afraid to be seen — rhinoplasty — Vitaly Zholtikov

What changes have you noticed in yourself, your life, and your worldview?

I obviously feel more confident. I am no longer fixated on my flaw. A lot has changed in my life. I’ve always been of the opinion that inner beauty is as important as the physical kind. Still, we live in society and we know that first impressions are largely based on our look, and sometimes it is important to look good and be in line with mainstream beauty standards. Of course, I realized that some people might judge me for going under the knife. For some reason, it is common to judge people who want to improve their look with the help of plastic surgery, especially in the CIS. On the other hand, I’ve always been watching the West, how Hollywood celebrities are not above beauty injections, plastic surgery, and aesthetic dentistry. Here, nobody is surprised by such modifications. Now that I reside in Los Angeles (Hollywood), I realize how great it is when people accept you as you are, without any embellishments. But at the same time, everybody strives for perfection.

I think my surgery changed my self-perception. I am no longer afraid to be seen. Here, in the City of Angels, in the world of music and cinema, it has played an important role in taking me closer to my dream.

So I guess I can say my American dream didn’t end up shattered because I’ve always believed in it. My rhinoplasty made it even more real by lending me confidence. Thanks to my insecurities I’ve always worked on my inner world, trying to make up for what I perceived as flaws in my appearance. But the improved look is good for me, too. I proved to myself that it’s important to maintain a balance and work not only on your inner qualities but also on your look and use whatever means are right for you.

No longer afraid to be seen — rhinoplasty — Vitaly Zholtikov

About the surgeon

I think Dr Zholtikov is one of those amazing plastic surgeons who try to make this world more beautiful, improve their skills, and make a lot of effort to get better at everything. The best artists are completely dedicated to their art. I think Dr Zholtikov is an expert, and he can be trusted without fear. He is very honest, and I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t offer false hopes but always meets and even exceeds expectations. My nose left much to be desired before surgery. It was a task that few plastic surgeons would have handled well. That is why at some point, during a consultation, my doctor told me, “I can’t completely change your nose but I can make it much better. I am not a magician.” Today, three years after my surgery, I can assure you he is in fact a magician! He is just very modest.

About A3BEAUTE Clinique

Wonderful, caring people. Their attitude is great. Everyone is very polite and kind. The clinic’s interiors are very beautiful. They create the right mood and make you want to look better. Having visited A3BEAUTE Clinique once, you want to come there again because amazing magic things happen in that house of beauty. I am very grateful to my surgeon, Dr Zholtikov, and his team for their painstaking work. I really hope I will come back for more beauty and additions to my look.