A turning point in my life

  • Patient

    Yulia, 24 years old

  • Procedure

    Rhinoplasty, March 2016


I am an HR manager at a construction company. I am currently working, together with my boss, on expanding our HR Department. In addition to professional and business qualities, we want to evaluate people on the basis of their moral and personal traits. It is an interesting large-scale project. Our main goal is to help people strengthen their moral core and operate rationally and wisely as a business to contribute to our country’s prosperity.

I work with people every day, handle recruitment and organisational matters. My favourite part of the job is to see great results!


I recently graduated from the Mining University. Now I mostly work. I am convinced that people live in order to work. I mean that in a profound kind of sense: serving your cause and other people. It is the only way to feel fulfilled and happy. In my spare time, I dabble in copywriting. I dream of writing a book some day.

What did your dislike about yourself before rhinoplasty?

Before the rhinoplasty, I didn’t like my appearance. Or, rather, I always knew I was good-looking, but my bulbous nose didn’t flatter me. It was bumpy, lacked a clear contour, and made me look plain. When I found out it could be fixed, I firmly decided to do that one day. That thought had stayed in the back of my mind ever since!

I was self-conscious, and other people, especially men, only made it worse. I wanted to look great on photos taken from different angles, buy makeup and pretty outfits, but I kept thinking it was not for me. What good would it do to an ugly person?


How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

I got scared only when I found myself on the operating table, when I actually realised it was happening. The operation went great. I woke up from anesthesia gently. The staff at the clinic were very helpful. Dr Zholtikov explained everything to me before my surgery and showed me a computer model of my future nose. I couldn’t wait to get the procedure. The rehabilitation was smooth as well.

What changes have you noticed in yourself, your life, and your worldview?

The changes have been wonderful. I’d go so far as to say this proved a turning point in my life. Now I want to pamper myself more, buy clothes and makeup. I am definitely getting more attention now, people find me attractive. After the procedure, my friends couldn’t figure out why I had suddenly become more beautiful.

It is important for every woman to understand that she is beautiful and attractive. That is how I’ve been feeling constantly since the operation. I had been dreaming about it my whole life.


About the surgeon

Dr Vitaly Zholtikov is a true master of his art. I admire his work which brings happiness to thousands of women. I think about him with gratitude every day. I was lucky to find him, and I am thankful for that.

About Atribeaute Clinique

The clinic was nice. The interiors are beautiful, and the staff are wonderful. When everybody is so caring, recovery is quicker and more pleasant. When you are overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude, your emotions don’t fit into a simple thank-you. So I’ll just say once again that I’m happy with my transformation and grateful for everything Dr Vitaly Zholtikov and the others at the clinic did for me. Thank you!