I meet new people every day

  • Patient

    Alexandra, 27 years old

  • Procedure

    Secondary rhinoplasty, October 2014


I work at the information department at a radio station. Every day I process huge amounts of information and meet new people. In my spare time, I like to read. I don’t even know why: perhaps because I entirely immerse myself in each book’s universe and forget about the real world.

What did you dislike about yourself before rhinoplasty?

I wanted to fix the outcome of a failed septo-rhinoplasty I’d had back in 2013 with a different surgeon at a public clinic in St. Petersburg. I had trouble breathing, plus I’d broken my nose as a child so there was an aesthetic problem as well. My first surgery went well but didn’t bring the result I wanted. I could breath but still had a crooked asymmetric nose and freshly acquired bumps and dents. So I decided to have a second surgery. I wanted to get rid of my biggest complex already, get a nice nose and live in harmony with myself.

Did you have any doubts or fears about your surgery?

Of course it was a difficult decision because I was not satisfied at all with the outcome of my first surgery performed by a different doctor. I feared that my nose would not be the way I wanted anyway. But I knew that Dr Vitaly Zholtikov was an amazing expert, I’d read a lot of feedback and saw the stellar outcomes of his operations. Once I’d met him in person, I had no doubts left at all. He told me in detail about my upcoming surgery, explained what he was going to do, and showed me a 3D model of the expected outcome. I was perfectly calm before the operation. I knew the result would be great.

How was your surgery and rehabilitation? What changes have you noticed since the rhinoplasty?

The operation was long and complicated for the doctor, but for me it was quick and easy. I spent a day and a night at the clinic, then slightly more than a week recovering at home. My nose was healing fast, and I felt great. Finally I had the nose I’d always pictured.

My favourite part is that I no longer pay any attention to my nose. That is important. In the past, every time I was in a photo, the first thing I checked was my nose. It always seemed to me that it was the only thing people noticed about me because it looked so incongruous on my face. Now I don’t even think about it. I am completely satisfied with my nose, it is perfect for me.


About the surgeon

Vitaly Zholtikov is an excellent expert, an exceptionally qualified surgeon. Trust me, he gets to know every little detail of every nose he works on. He is reliable, too. There is no need to explain much: he looks at you and immediately knows what you need, what will look good on you. There is nothing to worry about, he is always within reach. Besides, he is a wonderful person, kind and witty.

About Atribeaute Clinique

Atribeaute is a modern cosy clinic full of light with state-of-the-art equipment. The staff are friendly, caring, and responsible, and the doctors are excellent.