Restoring self-esteem

  • Patient

    Sandra, 24

  • Procedure

    Breast enlargement, 2016

About the patient

I am a broker at an international exchange. My job involves monitoring exchange rates, selling securities and cryptocurrencies, making financial deals and investment agreements, and international cooperation. I dabble in graphic design sometimes, but I’m still a beginner. Makeup, in my opinion, is also an art. Not everybody can pull off my everyday looks, but for me such colour combinations are a source of energy.

What did you want to improve about your look before your surgery?

I had a hormonal spike as a teenager. So I ended up with a body like Monica Bellucci’s: a perfect hourglass with naturally wide hips and C-cup breasts. But my graduation from high school was stressful. With the exams there and the university admission tests, I lost 17 kg, and of course my breasts were gone. I was dying to get them back since my reflection in the mirror had nothing in common with my self-image. I was constantly unhappy with myself, my lost curves, my life and hobbies. I was apathetic and had no aspirations or desire to grow.

Restoring self-esteem — mammaplasty — Vitaly Zholtikov

How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

I wasn’t afraid at all. Though I guess I was worried that the implants wouldn’t be large enough and my breasts wouldn’t be noticeably fuller or juicier. My operation took merely 75 minutes. Another hour later, I’d woken up and was jumping around in the recovery room where another patient was trying to sleep. The day after I returned home from the clinic, I got out of bed and went for a walk, as recommended by the doctors. I had no desire to stay home. That is how I avoided fever and any other complications.

What changes have you noticed in yourself, your life, and your worldview?

A lot has changed. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that I have recovered my self-esteem which seemed to have been lost for good. Now I’m once again motivated to get up in the morning, come up with new interesting tasks, face unfamiliar, difficult challenges, and solve unimaginable problems.

Restoring self-esteem — mammaplasty — Vitaly Zholtikov

About the surgeon

Dr Zholtikov is, above all, an artist. He is a creator, a virtuoso with his own vision of aesthetics and beauty of the human body which, in my opinion, is excellent and exemplary for many. He is a sculptor who can be unquestionably trusted with your body. He perfectly understands beauty and takes every little detail into account. With a surgeon like that, it’s impossible to become a victim of plastic surgery. No matter what whim you are entertaining, he will find the right approach and try to understand what exactly you want and whether you really need those changes.

A3BEAUTE Clinique

Atribeaute Clinique is the best clinic I’ve ever visited. I am sure that anyone will feel at home here: just let go of your stereotypes and fear of upcoming procedures. The staff will take care of you, from the friendly receptionists to the nurses who are always happy to answer your questions. Enjoy the wonderful work of the surgeons doing their job with unsurpassed precision and revel in your new image now that your complexes and flaws are gone.
The anaesthesiologist deserves a separate mention. He created the right mood for my surgery, dissipated my fears, and even held my hand.