It’s crucial to be understood

  • Patient

    Ekaterina, 31 years old

  • Procedure

    Аugmentation mammaplasty, August 2016


It may sound funny, but I blog for a living. My main passion is travel. I write every day about my trips, various countries and cities, about my life. I have a daughter, and we love to explore new worlds together.

Before surgery

After the birth of my daughter and breastfeeding, my breast disappeared. I decided to undergo surgery so I could wear beautiful low-cut clothes. I would be dressing up to go out, and I’d think, That dress will look gorgeous on me. And then, of course, it wouldn’t, because I had nothing to fill it up with. Such moments obviously bring you down and harm your self-esteem.

How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

I don’t know about the surgery per se, thanks to the excellent anesthesia (though initially I was afraid of it or, rather, afraid of bad dreams that might accompany it). But the outcome is amazing. Rehabilitation was great, too. The rehabilitation treatments helped a great deal. Lymphatic drainage really deserves an ovation.

What changes have you noticed since the procedure?

I feel like a young woman rather than a little girl. I want to dress up and be seen. It is very important!

About the surgeon

Luckily, I chanced upon the best Surgeon. I will not praise his professional qualities here: they are extolled all over the Internet. I’ll address the human side instead. Instant understanding is crucial. Dr Vitaly Zholtikov has this amazing ability to sense his patients. Even the way he looks at you feels supportive. I know for a fact that getting him to perform my surgery was a huge stroke of luck.

No jargon, no obscure terms: he uses simple words to talk about things I might not dare mention myself. Imagine what it’s like when you are at the doctor’s office for the first time, in the nude (further discomfort right there). In that kind of setting, most girls won’t even remember what they meant to say.

About Atribeaute Clinique

It’s hard to think of Atribeaute Clinique as a clinic. It is more like a 5-star hotel that happens to offer breast enhancement. Every little detail has been taken care of. Your average clinic is nowhere near that level. The staff are incredibly friendly. Thank you!