I discover new colours of life!

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    Аugmentation mammaplasty, May 2016


I am currently a customer relations manager at a major ISP. Before, I was in charge of a shop in a popular clothing chain for several years. I enjoy working with people, addressing challenges, and seeing my accomplishments. I’ve been an artsy type since I was a child. I studied painting, taught myself to play guitar, wrote poetry and songs. Now that I have a son, I try to spend all my spare time with him and share his interests. We love to explore our beloved city together. Last year, we discovered biking, and now it is our favourite pastime.

When your appearance was different from your self-image, how did that impact your life?

I’ve always been upset by the size of my breasts or, rather, by the lack thereof. It led to low self-esteem and countless limitations in everyday life. For example, being self-conscious, I avoided swimming pools, saunas, and beaches. Not to mention low-cut outfits which for me remained in the realm of dreams. I’ve always been skinny, and my flat chest made me look altogether bony.

Since I turned thirty, I’ve been increasingly concerned about this disparity between my appearance and the way I felt: a grown-up woman looking like a teenager. Many feminine elegant outfits looked awkward on me. I felt comfortable only in sports tops and hoodies.


Did you have any doubts or fears about mammaplasty?

It took me a long time to decide to go under the knife. First, I’ve always been afraid of surgery, and second, I was apprehensive about the consequences of general anesthesia. Besides, there are rumours that silicone implants are bad for you, which concerned me as well. It took some research to realise that much of the information available on the Internet is no longer relevant since technology is advancing fast. Then my fears were gone. I decided that my main priority was to have beautiful breasts.

How was your surgery and rehabilitation? What changes have you noticed since the procedure?

The surgery was great. I wasn’t worried at all. Dr Vitaly Zholtikov and the rest of the staff at the clinic had my complete trust from the start. Contrary to my initial concerns, the anesthesia was very smooth. I fell asleep easily, and woke up as if a moment later in the recovery room. Thirty minutes later, I already felt great and experienced no consequences of the anesthesia. The staff at the clinic took wonderful care of me, which was particularly important in the first few hours after surgery.

A couple hours after the operation, I could already get up and walk around. The next day, I had my dressings changed, and went home.


I carefully followed all the recommendations, because the outcome depends to a large degree on correct rehabilitation. The first five days, when the swelling was significant, were perhaps the most challenging. It was all uphill from there, and on the tenth day, I was already back at work. I don’t even remember my sensations anymore, except that I was thrilled because now I had beautiful breasts. I am increasingly convinced that Dr Vitaly Zholtikov chose the perfect size of implants for me, and now I have exactly the breasts I had dreamt about.

Above all, I now feel like a woman. One that doesn’t need to hide behind push-up bras and monastic clothing. These days, I am all smiles and joy, excited about the new me.


I am overwhelmed by desire to keep moving towards perfection. Not to brag, but now I want the whole world to see my beauty. For the first time I enjoy shopping for lingerie, because now all the countless options are mine to choose from. I know that I’ll keep exploring new colours of life every day!

About the surgeon

I absolutely trust Dr Vitaly Zholtikov since the moment I met him. By his side, all doubts and fears instantly vanish. It is clear right away that with an expert of that level, you have nothing to be afraid of. I asked him to choose the size of my implants. My only request was to make sure my breasts would suit my body. I was sure it would be perfect anyway since Dr Zholtikov’s work always looks exceptionally natural. Before the procedure, he told me all about the potential consequences of mammaplasty and the postoperative period and answered all my questions. Fortunately, my rehabilitation was smooth, I had nothing to worry about. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for Dr Vitaly Zholtikov’s talent and expertise which have made me a happier person!

About Atribeaute Clinique

Atribeaute Clinique is a wonderful place to be. I came there for my first consultation and immediately felt how comfortable and cosy it was. The interiors are lovely, a far cry from the typical health care institution, and the people are friendly, so I was calm and relaxed. It is really a place where beauty is born. I did all my preoperative tests right there at the clinic in one day, which was very convenient. The recovery room was well-appointed: a comfortable bed with a nurse call button, a movable bedside table, a nice bathroom with a set of toiletries, a TV and beautiful paintings that put a smile on your face. I have the warmest memories of the day I spent at Atribeaute Clinique. I am particularly grateful to the medical staff for their care, attention, and patience.

Dear ladies and even gentlemen! If you are not happy about the way you look, if it causes discomfort and dissatisfaction, don’t be afraid to address that issue. The ability to love yourself completely is life-changing in a wonderful way. It will make you more confident and happier!