I want to wear lace all the time!

  • Patient

    Tatyana, 26 years old

  • Procedure

    Mammaplasty, April 2016


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I want to wear lace all the time! — rhinoplasty — Vitaly Zholtikov

What did you dislike about yourself before mammaplasty?

I had really small breasts. I was limited in my choice of clothing, and it was in a certain sense deception. I looked fine when dressed, but in the nude… Workarounds were required. Fortunately, there is a wide choice of lingerie these days. But it was my dream to wear delicate lace lingerie. Or indeed none at all. And while there are workouts for other body issues, for breast size there is only plastic surgery. I never had any problems with men. I had surgery only for myself.

I wasn’t afraid at all. In my opinion, the important thing is to choose the right surgeon. Go for the best, and you’ll have nothing to fear!


How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

Before the operation, I felt like a star. It was my day, and I was happy. I closed my eyes in the operating room, opened them again in the recovery room, and touched my new breasts. There was no pain, either right after surgery or later. I experienced discomfort, fatigue, some strange sensations, but no pain. I would definitely do it again.

Too little time has passed since the operation, my breasts keep changing a lot, gradually becoming more natural. But I am already happy! I feel different. I no longer need bras with cups. I want to wear lace all the time and be aware that all this is mine.

About the surgeon and Atribeaute Clinique

The feeling I have around Dr Vitaly Zholtikov is confidence. When he is involved, you know all will be well. My stay at the clinic was comfortable, I liked the recovery room. The nurses are caring, press the alarm button and they are instantly there. My anesthesiologist was particularly amazing. Dr Zholtikov, thank you so much! You make us women happier, and you add beauty to the world.