Don’t be afraid to change

  • Patient

    Yana, 28

  • Procedure

    Rhinoplasty, March 2017

About the patient

I am a manager at a beauty parlour. My work is diverse and interesting: I interact with people, organize things, monitor the quality of our services, and handle business documents. I have opportunities to display leadership. Every day, I try to absorb a maximum of useful information about the beauty industry which keeps evolving. I like sports. Gym is my hobby. I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week for four years. Workouts and a healthy diet help me stay in shape and look and feel great.

What did you want to improve about your look before your rhinoplasty?

I’d been dreaming about rhinoplasty for a long time. I was about sixteen when I realized that my nasal hump was causing discomfort and an inferiority complex. I thought rhinoplasty would make me a completely different person, and I would become even more beautiful. Many believe that going under the knife is stupid, but if you experience complexes for a long time, you need to change something, free your mind and focus on more global matters. Let’s put it this way: don’t be afraid to change. If you think you’d like to change something about yourself, go for it!

I think a person should enjoy complete harmony with themselves, both inside and out. I definitely lacked such harmony before my surgery. I wanted to like everything about myself and feel confident. My insecurity was getting in the way. It created obstacles in my life. After my surgery, a lot has changed. That burden is now forgotten, and I am more confident than before.

Fears and doubts

I had no doubts. My desire to change reassured me. But with the day of my surgery approaching, I was increasingly nervous. I was 100% sure that my doctor was an expert, which was also reassuring. Many of my friends were trying to persuade me to change my mind. They said I was beautiful the way I was, that the outcome might be unsatisfactory and I would regret my decision. At some point I realized I didn’t want to listen to all that, and I limited my interaction with other people. Now, on the other hand, everybody admires the result. “Wow, it’s so cool!” I love hearing that.

Don't be afraid to change — rhinoplasty — Vitaly Zholtikov

How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

The big day made me very nervous, mostly about the outcome. But as soon as Dr Zholtikov modelled my nose, I no longer had any doubts. My look has changed substantially. My facial features are now more delicate. The operation took 6 hours, and it was a success. I was feeling well. I had expected it would be worse. The next day, I went home. The first four days of my recovery proved the most difficult. Then I began to get back on track. Fortunately, I had no complications. But in fact I’m still recovering. It will take a year for the process to complete. On the whole, I like the outcome very much.

What changes have you noticed in yourself, your life, and your worldview?

All my complexes directly involving my look have now been locked in a box and put away in a dark closet. My surgery met my expectations and gave me back my confidence.

Don't be afraid to change — rhinoplasty — Vitaly Zholtikov

About the surgeon

I very much appreciate Dr Zholtikov’s efforts and individual approach to each patient. Your work is an art, and you are a true artist. Your sense of harmony and flawless taste instantly inspire trust. I understood at my first visit that you were the doctor for me.

A3BEAUTE Clinique

I am immensely thankful to everyone at the clinic for their professionalism, responsibility, and competence. Everyone is very friendly, from the receptionists to the nurses. Thank you very much for the warm atmosphere. I wish you much success and prosperity.