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Upcoming rhinoplasty course in February

Dear Friends! We are preparing an advanced rhinoplasty course that will take place very soon: on February 23 and 24, 2017. It will feature live surgery, keynotes, and discussions with my friends, prominent surgeons specializing in state-of-the-art rhinoplasty. We are offering an intensive two-day programme hosted by some of the best experts in the world. Header photo depicts nonconventional view overlooking Neva river from our conference room.

Top faculty of the advanced rhinoplasty course in February:


Milos Kovacevic

Milos Kovacevic

A surgeon from Hamburg, innovator, the author of very useful ideas in rhinoplasty, invited speaker at all the top rhinoplasty events in recent years.

Abdulkadir Goksel

Abdülkadir Göksel

A surgeon from Istanbul, one of the most famous rhinoplasty experts in Turkey, innovator, author of excellent keynotes and remarkable ideas in complex nose surgery.

Olivier Gerbault

Olivier Gerbault

A world-renowned French surgeon, one of the first to introduce piezoelectric rhinosculpture in his practice (in 2013).

Константин Липский

Konstantin Lipskiy

President of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons, a stellar surgeon specializing in secondary rhinoplasty.

Сергей Морозов

Sergey Morozov

A plastic surgeon at Atribeaute Clinique. Author of the monograph, Surgical Treatment of Posttraumatic Nasal Deformities, and more than 20 publications on the subject in various medical journals.

Виталий Жолтиков

Vitaly Zholtikov

Plastic surgeon, co-founder of the Academy of Plastic Surgery, Atribeaute Clinique, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the St.Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University.

And there is more! We will be joined by the surgeon and anatomist Peter Palhazi, co-author of the best atlas of the surgical anatomy of the nose (together with Rollin Daniel who needs no introduction).

Ahead of us are two days of intensive training in state-of-the-art rhinoplasty and, on February 25, a dissection course for a very limited group, led by the above surgeons. If you wish to take this opportunity to practice your skills on biomaterial, book soon as it is nearly sold out.

St. Petersburg rhinoplasty course 2017 — Vitaly Zholtikov

We already have a piezoelectric rhinosculpture machine at our clinic. It can be used to manipulate bone without damaging soft tissues. You certainly understand the implications. Above all, such operations have no unpredictable consequences. I will begin using it this month. Of course, it will be featured at the course as well. Those who participate in the dissection will be offered an opportunity to give it a try. The live surgery audience will see it used during an operation.

The countdown has begun…


Photo by Yuki Kiharas